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How Precision-Team Exports
  • Assess - your company to identify areas your business needs to strengthen

  • Evaluate - your international sales and marketing strategy

  • Research - the most profitable international markets for your products/services

  • Prepare - your products/services to enter a new market

  • Determine - the best ways to distribute, price and promote your products /services

  • Conduct - international business online

  • Ship - your products/services with the correct export documentation, packaging and labels

  • Secure - export financing to make a sale happen

An ability to handle all details

Precision-Team has the know-how to answer inquires, prepare quotations, enter orders, handle shipping details, and get paid.

We are export professionals and
the lifeblood of Precision-Team is active contacts with foreign firms.

An ability to establish a strong foreign distribution system

Precision-Team has the know-how to select agents, distributors, and the ability to manage our distribution network. Our profits are based on how successfully we export.

Thus, motivates us to do a pronounced job.

Precision-Team is an expert on business conditions abroad

Precision-Team executives travel for the first-hand experience.

At the Corporate Office in the World Trade Center Saint Louis, we constantly appraise market conditions and sales opportunities.

Why You Need Precision-Team:

If the answer to any of these three questions is "No," then, do as manufacturers have done: turn over the job of building an export business to a specialized export sales firm.

1. Does your firm have the time and specialized knowledge to enter export markets?

2. Does your firm have the money or specialized personnel needed to develop an export business?

3. Is your business growing at a satisfactory rate?

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